I have had several more bouts of arrhythmia this past year, each ending with a visit to the ER where they dose me with something that sets things to rights.  This is not painful, frightening, or dangerous, but it is certainly annoying.  And my cardiologist is tired of it, too.

So on Tuesday I will be going in for a cardiac ablation.  It’s hard to believe that any procedure involving the heart could be done on an outpatient basis without even a single night’s stay at the hospital, but that’s how things are done.  You can read the linked article, but in brief and very technically: they’ll run a catheter through a vein/artery “in my groin area” up to my heart where they will zap a bad electrical connection that’s causing the problems.  Then they’ll send me home.

I could probably get “back to work” on Wednesday – since I telecommute – but I’ve decided I’m going to be super slack and call that a sick day, too.  I’m willing to milk “cardiac procedure” for all it’s worth.

One thought on “Zap”

  1. Wow, that sucks, but I have heard that ablation can help. I just wish I knew what the trigger was for me. But mine is fairly mild. I don’t ever go to the hospital for it. I really hope this works for you!

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