Felt an earthquake late last night.  First I’ve felt in a long time – more than a decade?  It was a shaker.

Wow!  An earthquake.
Where should I hide if it’s serious…
I guess the dining room table will do.
<shake-a shake-a>
OK.  all done.

It was 5.3 about 100 miles due north.

Big trees and Deer and Bears. Oh my!

Ellyn and I went camping in Sequoia National Park the other weekend.

We had a wonderful lazy time.  Found a great campsite.

Saw some deer above the site the first evening.

I heard a shnuffling noise in the night the first night.  When I lifted my head to take a look, I could hear it trample off.  Figured it was a boar or something, though I had no idea if there were boar in Sequoia.

Here is the view from inside our tent at 10:40am 🙂

While wandering around the park the next day, we happened upon a momma bear and her cub.  We backed off and a juvenile bear came down from our right – and right up a tree!  Here’s some video of the juvenile, who was worried about Mom & cub.  (full screen for best viewing)

And after he took off, here goes mom & cub down the path.

While the juvenile was up the tree, he tested the air – it was the same shnuffling noise I’d heard the first night!  So I guess a bear had come to check out our camp.