Curriculum Vitae

Kurt Werle

Last updated: December, 2018
Phone: (805) 769-8653
Address: 405 Jaycee Drive
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

Objective: Architect and develop applications using Ruby on Rails.  I enjoy supporting applications throughout their lifecycle.


OO Programming & Design since 1990
Ruby on Rails since 2007
10 Years of Java
8 Years in Objective-C
7 Years on Unix/Windows; Unix only since 1999.
Client/Server since 1995:
2 Years Perl Server, 2 Years Client-Server Printing, 7 Years WebObjects

Great communication skills.

Significant Accomplishments/Experience:

Ruby on Rails: Designed, implemented, released, maintained multiple applications.  Rails 1.x – 5.x.  Internal servers, cloud servers, AWS & Heroku, docker. PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL.

Some experience with various JavaScript frameworks: React, Vue, Angular, D3, axios, backbone.

WebObjects: Designed, implemented, and shipped multiple WebObjects applications – several with XML-RPC front-ends for direct use with custom applications.

Java: Designed, implemented, and shipped Printer Management Tool for Apple Computer (Java).

Objective-C: Helped spec and ship 2 patches for developer products for NeXT

Perl: Designed, implemented, shipped, supported, and improved client/server product for Lender’s Document Service.

February 2019 – current
Support, maintain, enhance SaaS application written in Rails.

Tesla – SolarCity – ZepSolar
May 2012 – February 2019
Support, maintain, enhance customer facing design tool written in Rails.
Full lifecycle several internal rails applications.
Wrote/maintained a couple of trivial iOS apps (Objective-C & Swift).
April 2010 – May 2012
Support, maintain, enhance SaaS product in Rails.
Buzzwords: Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Backbone, SaaS, AWS, SASS, HAML, RSpec, Cucumber, MySQL, memcached, redis, resque

March 2006 – March 2010 (PGP Acquired)
Designed, implemented, released, maintained license management system, including customer facing application and internal client server application (Rails 1.x using early JRuby implementation).
Ongoing maintenance, fixes, new features for internal/external (VAR) order management system (WebObjects).

F. Dohmen Co. (Independent Consulting)
August – October 2005
Quick cleanup job. Cleaned up source repository: refactor code & frameworks; implemented bug tracking & QA process; implemented clean, reproducible release process (including automatic daily dev builds); implemented documentation project (daily build/install javadoc). Fixed dozens of hang/crashers throughout the code base.

Banzai, Inc. (Consulting shop)
June 2001 – March 2004
Worked on a team writing WebObjects applications used in drug design workflow. Including tracking designs and proteins, data consolidation and presentation, automated drug analysis.

February 2001 – May 2001
Was responsible for making performance enhancements of WebObjects Application. Debugged/fixed multithreaded issues. Implemented caching of objects as needed. Reduced fetch complexities (table joins). Fixed memory leaks. Supported client’s performance testing team. All Obj-C on MacOSX Server, Solaris, and NT.

September 1999 – February 2001
Wrote small WebObjects App in Java using existing Objective-C EO’s. Wrapped Frameworks and made improvements to existing Objective-C code as needed. Spec’d, designed, and wrote API WebObjects Server.

SUN Microsystems
January 1999 – September 1999
Engineer: Java Printing Group. Helped ongoing port of printing framework to the Personal Java Platform (JDK 1.1 on Solaris and a ‘Java embedded’ system).

Apple – NeXT Software, Inc.:
January 97 – December 1998
Engineer: Mac OS X Printing group. I was responsible for printing under Mac OS X Server (shipped product). This included several applications and modules: Printer Manager App (in Java), 2 printing daemons (one Objective-C and one a minor LPD port), Printer Driver (Objective-C, loading driver bundles for specific printers). I also worked on IPP Server (Internet Printing Protocol) written as a Java Servlet (not shipped).

July 95 – January 97
Senior Engineer: Premium Developer Support (NeXT). I was the lead contact for up to 6 accounts, responsible for answering their Objective-C design or implementation questions. This was done typically by supplying correct programming examples, bug workarounds, or patches. I also routinely submitted/verified bugs to engineering and contributed significantly to two patches to our products (gathering/verifying/supplying fixes, justifying patch). Was the support contact for the ‘USPS project’ (the largest EOF project during the beta and rollout of EOF 2.0) until promoted to engineering.

Lender’s Document Service:
March 1991 – September 1994 (Full-time)
October 1989 – March 1991 (Part-time/Summers)
I was the programmer for a legal document printing service. I developed, wrote, and maintained programs in Objective-C, using PostScript to print. Suite included several modules for data entry, a module to do the ‘APR’ calculations, and a module to parse the forms and merge the data for output to the printer.

I also developed, wrote, and maintained an automated client-server system for 40+ customers in remote sites. This system was ‘served’ on a NeXT (unix box) and was largely written in Perl; it was responsible for automatic billing and file updates for the clients. I wrote several NeXTStep (Objective-C) apps for use in-house to help manage client systems. This system remained in active use for more than a decade.

Education: Studied Computer Science at University of California

Languages: Was fluent in German.

References: Available upon request.

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