January in California

 We went to Montaña De Oro last weekend to spot whales from the coast.  We didn’t see whales, but we did get to see some seals:

There are a couple of seals frolicking in the surf toward the upper left.
From 2011 January in California

 Which isn’t to say that we didn’t have a spectacular time – we did.  It was ridiculously nice out; things felt more like April than January.

From 2011 January in California

Today there are actually a few clouds in the sky, and they say it might even rain, tomorrow.  Feels a bit more like .. winter? than late spring.  More water would be good – though we just received a note from the city saying that we already have plenty of water supplied for the coming year.

Indian Summer Comes to SLO

It’s January 16th.  We have all the windows open, and have had many of the doors open on and off throughout the day.  It’s about 7pm – the sun went down nearly 2 hours ago.  It is 72 degrees.

I don’t know how long it will last, but it sure is nice while it’s here.  On the other hand, we could really use a lot more rain – but there will be plenty of time for that; it’s only January, after all.

Here’s our Kitchen Door spider:

From 2011 Indian Summer

She’s been there for months, now. Seemed to take a little holiday when it got really rainy. I suspect she went off somewhere to lay a batch of eggs. We let her stay there in the upper left corner of the doorway – though she tried to go all the way across, once. Had to break the right side of the web off – with apologies. She has not tried to expand that way again.

The Santa Anas are blowing, and I think it makes Ellyn restless. She woke up at 3am the other day and stayed up for a few hours. I should probably send her off on a road trip to the desert. Maybe next weekend we’ll go together; we’ll see what the weather does.
From 2011 Indian Summer