From starter to yummy

Here is a complete journey from long ignored starter to yummy bread.  There are a few detours – but be patient – the results are worth it. I start out with starter that has been in the back of the ‘fridge for about 8 weeks.  This is what I refer to as very tired starter.  … Continue reading From starter to yummy

Sourdough Bread

Lazy Sourdough: 1 cup starter 3 cups flour 2 tspn salt 1 cup water Mix well in a large bowl.  It should be at least tacky.  A bit sticky is not bad.  If in doubt, add more water (2 tbsp) as needed.  Bread with too much water is pretty good and easy to address later.  … Continue reading Sourdough Bread


In brief: the procedure went well and the doctor is confident he got what he needed to.  I have “snake bite” wounds at the top of both thighs that are bandaged and doing fine.  In 3 days I’ll be allowed to do all the normal things.  And I shouldn’t have any more episodes. I went … Continue reading Zapped


I have had several more bouts of arrhythmia this past year, each ending with a visit to the ER where they dose me with something that sets things to rights.  This is not painful, frightening, or dangerous, but it is certainly annoying.  And my cardiologist is tired of it, too. So on Tuesday I will be … Continue reading Zap