Sooner than I thought

Several folks have asked me about battery backup for solar and being more grid-independent.  I predicted that it’d probably be 2017 before that really started to happen, and that it’d be expensive.  Turns out I was way off.

I really don’t know the cost, but the numbers I’ve heard bandied about are very reasonable.

4 thoughts on “Sooner than I thought”

  1. Totally rad. SolarCity passed on installing panels on our roof, but AllTerra is going to be installing here as soon as they get the permits from the county. And then, I’m totally going to get some power walls. Beats getting a generator and a second propane tank, for sure.

  2. They looked at our house from Google Maps and said, “Yeah, there are too many trees around.” They wouldn’t even send someone out to stand on our roof.

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