30 years of professional programming experience.
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Architect and develop applications using Ruby on Rails.  I enjoy supporting applications throughout their lifecycle.

Relevant skills:
On the server: Ruby on Rails since 2007 (1.x to 5.x)
Databases: PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle (roughly in order of experience – since 1998)
In the browser: CoffeeScript, JavaScript (I have not yet made the jump to a recent EcmaScript, but it is on my list)
Vue, React, Angular (1 & 2), Backbone, underscore, jQuery, D3 (mostly light UI/UX with a couple of more complex applications)
CSS (SCSS) and HTML (HAML), Bootstrap
Clients: provide JSON apis.  Limited XML back in the day.
Services: Redis, Memcached (mostly just for caching – a little tricky stuff with Redis), limited Google maps, other external JSON APIs
OS: *nix since 1989.  I currently do all my development in Docker containers using MacOS as the host.
Source Control: Git since 2006 (I am a big fan of hub flow)
CI/CD: Jenkins (I believe in 1 button or no button deployment)
Deployment: Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Heroku, AWS.  No bare metal deployment for a few years.
Phone: a couple of light iOS apps using native code

Recent Employment:
February 2019 – current
Support, maintain, enhance SaaS application written in Rails.

Tesla – June 2017 – February 2019
Ruby on Rails app to track fleet data consumption with the primary goal of reducing spending.   Large data (millions of rows).  Internal only.  Other ad-hoc rails apps to support other groups’ data needs.

SolarCity – March 2014 – June 2017 (Tesla bought SolarCity)
Ruby on Rails app to track installation requirements internationally.   Consume Google Maps and 3rd party (governmental) JSON data.  iOS app to support roof survey crews.  iOS app for SolarCity customers (mostly a web portal).  Other ad-hoc rails apps to support other groups with JSON API access to SQL Server databases (micro services).

ZepSolar – May 2012 – March 2014 (SolarCity bought ZepSolar)
Ruby on Rails app to help our customers design solar arrays.  Significant D3 and angular 1/2 use.

PipelineDeals – June 2010 – May 2012
Ruby on Rails CRM application.

Previous employment includes: PGP (4 years), Sun (9 months), Apple (2 years), NeXT (2 years).

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