Kurt & Ellyn go to the beach

Ellyn and I stopped off in Santa Barbara the other week and visited the beach (first picture). Wow, I picked up a lot of tar on my feet. Scraped a bunch off, but still had a lot. The internet informed me that you can get it off with oil – any kind! Mineral, vegetable, olive… Ellyn poured about 1/4″ into the little rectangular bucket she uses for foot soaks and I put my feet in and a few minutes later it was all gone! ‘Course I then had oily feet, so shower time. Next time maybe olive oil.

Today was the first real summery day, so we went to Morro Bay and walked up and down the strand.

One thought on “Kurt & Ellyn go to the beach”

  1. Back in the early 70s we’d go to Venice Beach and splash around and come back to my grandparents’ house with black feet. My sister and I would sit on the back steps with our feet in a bucket and apply mineral oil to them, scrubbing until we’d got it all off. It was just part of going to the beach. Now, of course, I’m grossed out and kind of horrified.

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