LIVE! At the Fremont…

This past week was full of cultural events.  Finished a great book last Friday.  Sunday saw Romeo and Juliet at a little outdoor amphitheater (not a fantastic performance, but I enjoyed it).  Monday we caught Jason Bourne (pass) and Star Trek Beyond (fun!) at the drive-in.  Thursday we saw The Claypool Lennon Delirium with opener JJUUJJUU.

JJUUJJUU was great.  Kind of droney.  Some RYCE friends should maybe check ’em out.

Delirium – at least as much for me as for you:

  • Les Claypool – Primus
  • Sean Lennon – The second son of
  • Money Mark – Beastie Boys
  • Paulo Baldi – Cake

The show was at the Fremont – our big downtown theater.  I love it.  Sean commented that he felt like he was in a Coen brothers movie.


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