The Big Fremont

Closing credits of Interstellar at the Fremont.  I enjoyed the movie, despite it.
I love the theater!


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3 Responses to The Big Fremont

  1. Giang says:

    Better than Gravity?

    • kwerle says:

      No. Very different. Gravity was a movie about people and was set in the present. It had some physics/science issues(tm). The visuals were great and the acting was great and the story was great.

      Interstellar was a SciFi movie about the end of the world(tm). The science was often ridiculous. The characters/motivations were doubtful. The plot had galaxy sized holes in it. The visuals were cool and there was some action and a fun twist or two.

      If you could only see one, then go see Gravity. No doubt. If you’re 15, maybe see Interstellar?

  2. Giang says:

    I qualify at least two times to watch Interstellar! 😀

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