Our first watermelon!

Six weeks after discovering our first watermelon, it’s eating time!  Since this one was hanging over the wall, we had to move it.  Maybe that’s what stunted the top.

Verdict: yummy!  Not the best I’ve ever had, but lots of flavor – not too sweet.  I might try a slice with salt, or maybe I’ll go crazy and try cayenne.  We’ve spotted at least 3 other melons, and they seem to have grown a little bigger.

2 thoughts on “Our first watermelon!”

    1. We recently discovered our last watermelon of the season, hidden in some nasturtiums. Probably way underripe – we’ll probably crack it in a week. It’s hard to say how big the vines got – a lot of ’em were hidden under other plants. I’d say it easily crept to an 8′ diameter. But it’s not like it took up all that space – it just spread out.

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