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The cold ocean

Back in January – the 20th (our 17th anniversary, actually), I went to Morro Bay to see if there were big waves.  It was when we were having our big winter storm.

When it’s really cold, and the wind is blowing really hard in your face from the ocean, and it looks like this:


It’s time to look for cover.  2 minutes later, I was drenched from driving rain and sleet.

But 8 minutes after these, it looked like this:



Lizard Invasion

We have had a bumper crop of lizards, this year.  I really enjoy seeing them in the yard.  We seemed to have one living under our mailbox for a while.

The lizard is at the top of the picture. My toes are at the bottom.

From Lizard


If you look carefully, you can see Ellyn & I hiding behind the sunflowers.

It’s amazing to me that they grow to be taller than I am in just a few months.

From Hidden


Yesterday, the boys next door left a note on the door announcing they’re having a party.   They’ve had ’em before, and we appreciated the heads up – even if it was same day.  They said they’d get quiet by midnight.  Really, that’s when things seemed to start up.  That’s OK; a little warning goes a long way.

This morning I awoke to my alarm – which is my work cell phone.  It has a very mild gong tone that repeats and gets louder.  I leave it in the den, usually.  But today is Saturday, and my alarm only sounds on weekdays.  And the sound wasn’t quite right.  So I mostly fell back asleep.  I remember all this on reflection. 

Then the floors in the house started creaking, and I woke up pretty quick.  Someone was standing in our hallway, wearing some cloths and one of our blankets.  Trying to make sense of everything, I decided Ellyn had had someone crash at our place.  Then I decided it was Jaryd – but too short.  Then I realized: he was a party goer.

So I woke Ellyn up and sat him down and went next door.  I got Billy to come over and come collect the guy (who was pretty wasted).

Note to self: lock the back door – especially when the neighbors are having a party.